Welcome to the monkey house: June 7 California Primary edition

Beginning with baboons, researchers have studied these great apes because they have more than just DNA in common with humans. They are masters of social interactions living and loving, working and warring in tightly knit clans. Princeton University researchers have found is that the biggest problem for baboons are other baboons. Which brings us to the 50th Congressional District and District 3 County Supervisor contests….

Say it ain’t so, Congressman Hunter Jr.

Escondido’s Congressman Duncan Hunter, an Alpine resident, won his last election by a 40-point margin in a District that was 44 percent Republican registered and 31 percent Democratic registered voters. No California Republican incumbent congressman ever has lost a race in a GOP-majority district. This time around, he can’t seem to get out of his own way. In recent weeks, Hunter has been involved in numerous…