High-spirited Escondido couple’s craft vodka finds its niche among giants

Spirit is where it’s at for Southeast Escondido couple Kerstyn and Michael Zepeda. Spirit as in enthusiasm for an unique product that has turned their business into the headwinds of an up-and-coming lifestyle. Featured recently at the 13th Annual Coeur de Cuisine benefit at California Center for the Arts, Escondido, the Zepeda’s recently launched Bella Mar Spirits vodka went down smoothly with the gala set….

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Yes, we still have avocados, for now

Ah, Avocados;  it’s been a tough month, but Henry Avocado Corp. is back from a listeria recall and so far, no Trump border closure. His threatened U.S.-Mexico border closure would mean no avocados on store shelves within three week, according to experts. With all the controversy, however, avocado prices jumped higher than an NBA all-star at the dunking competition. Prices have remained higher than usual…