April 1, 2019

Is Jennifer Lopez moving to Escondido?

Is Jennifer Lopez moving to Escondido? Only The Shadow knows. However, local radio stations and the Internet were buzzing about the possibility that Jenny on the block was moving to this block. While it might be true — who knows, Donald Trump might be president; the Cubs might win the World Series — the rumor blasting across several local radio stations and celebrity web sites…

Home decor: Engaging in a bit of ‘pillow talk’

Rancho Santa Fe interior designer Penelope Voisen engages in a bit of ‘pillow talk’ You can never have too many pillows on a bed. The warm, inviting, and comfortable feeling you get when you enter a bedroom and see lots of pillows on the bed instantly gives a relaxed sense of being. What is it about pillows? We always seem to need more of them….