People who BATHE together…SAVE Together

Ukulele Ray does his bit to save water/File

In light of the drought, Escondido native Ukulele Ray encourages people to conserve water by bathing and showering together in this comedy satire from the 60’s classic TV show, “Petticoat Junction.” The TV show was actually based on a farming community in the Central Valley of California, where they’ve been hit the hardest. Yes, there really is a “PIXLEY!” — Ukulele Ray

There are public service announcements and then there are UKULELE RAY’S PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Ukulele Ray this year turned his attention to a challenge confronting all Californians, the big bad drought.

Yeah, it’s been raining a bit and a big El Nino is threatened, but so many years without much water have created a no-win scenario. Like it’s going to rain a lot, but people will continue to need to conserve, at least for a while.

In any event, Ukulele Ray is serious about water conservation, but presents his message with a lighter touch.

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